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Value Engineering

Simply stated, value engineering is more than finding ways to construct a building as cheap as possible. Although initial cost reduction is typically the benefit of value engineering, at times it can increase them. Value engineering that increases initial costs usually benefit the owner over a long time period through a reduction of operating costs, minimizing or elimination of maintenance needs, or protecting or extending the usable life of the building. Additionally, value engineering will on occasion simply enhance the enjoyment of the owner’s use of the building.


Fast Track Projects

An example of a “fast track” project that Steiner’s has accomplished is the Land’s End Hotel addition of 2001 and 2005.

In 2001 due to Seasonal constraints of the Owner, Steiner’s North Star moved two existing structures off site, then constructed a twenty one room, three story addition attached to the existing hotel building to completion in 90 days from start to finish.

Again in 2005 we constructed another twenty room three story addition with an elevator for Lands End Hotel. This project was accomplished in one hundred and twenty days.


Projects in a maritime environment

Steiner’s North Star has done projects in Adak, Kodiak, Ouzinkie, and in Homer which were all either very near the coast or actually on the beach itself.

In the last ten years Steiner’s has built two hotel additions, six four story three plex condominium buildings and one six unit garage building on the beach of the Homer Spit. At times our projects were so close to the “maritime” environment that the tide was literally lapping at our heels.


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